Top Knot Alpacas

Imagine driving through the Kent countryside and coming across a herd of Alpacas peacefully grazing and softly humming to each other!

Well, that’s exactly what you experience when you come to Top Knot Alpacas. Set in the rural hamlet of Graveney, overlooking the Seasalter Marshes, and just outside Whitstable, our Alpacas stand out head and shoulders above the sheep that you usually find grazing here.


At Top Knot Alpacas we have a family friendly herd of adult girls, teenage boys and in the summer months Top Knot Babies too.  We offer experiences that provide up-close and personal opportunities to meet and get to know these wonderful creatures.

Alpacas are highly sociable and inquisitive animals who love interacting with people and including them in their herd.  When Alpacas are happy, they hum and before long you’ll find the gentle sounds of the Top Knot Alpacas washing away the stresses of the day.  An experience with our Alpacas always promises to be unique, calming, and even hilarious.

Young or old, why not come and have a Top Knot experience!

Our Story

Top Knot Alpacas is definitely a family affair, owned since 2020 by Sam (feeder and birther), her husband Adam (paddock and shelter management) and teenage son Josh (golf-cart driver and expert poo-picker-upper).  Our Alpacas are a part of our family, and we love each of their quirky personalities. But let’s focus on their humans first.

Sam grew up in a farming community surrounded by sheep and cows and her favourite toy was a battery-powered tractor.  It was only natural therefore that she would end up with a farm and animals.

But what livestock to have? Despite the history of sheep grazing outside Whitstable, they can have health issues which are problematic; cows are too much work; and pigs smell!  So, Sam thought, “why not get some Alpacas? After all they are cute, cuddly and their quirky personalities make you fall in love with them instantaneously”.

One summer's day in 2020, Sam and family went for an Alpaca feeding experience and came home with their first five girls: Kendra, Evangeline, Sophia, Kahlua and Lulu.  The Top Knot Alpaca herd was born.  Since then, the herd has grown.  We have introduced two more girls, Lucia and Luna. Four handsome boys and two lovely girls have been born; Austin, Riley, Morris, Paddy, Tilly and Minnie.  More Top Knot babies to come in 2023.


Our farm isn’t all about Alpacas though. During a visit you may also get to see a glimpse of other wildlife such as barn owls, little owls, foxes, pheasants or the resident geese, Rhubarb and Custard.   The perfect way to unwind and calm down at the end of the day.

We don’t want to keep this fantastic Whitstable wildlife experience to ourselves, we want to share it, which is how Top Knot Alpacas was born.

Top Knot Alpacas offer a variety of different alpaca experiences, all within a stone’s throw of Whitstable, Faversham, and the M2. Whether you want to do a Meet and Greet Feeding, an Al-Paca-Picnic, Paca-Pilates, or want an Alpaca-Party, our family will try to accommodate your needs.

Meet the Girls & Boys

Evangeline & Riley

Pretty name for a pretty Alpaca. Evangeline is a beautiful light fawn colour and she is the oldest in our herd at 6 years. She has a very good nature, never argues and is an excellent mum. In 2021 she gave birth to Riley a lovely dark brown boy who shares her calm, patient personality.

Evangeline and Riley


Our youngest girl, 4-year-old Kendra stands out from the crowd. She is a stunning solid bay black Alpaca who is our most confident. She is always at the front of the feeding queue and loves to be stroked gently on her neck. In 2021 she gave birth to her first cria, Morris. He is a lovely grey boy with the funniest of ears (but don’t tell him that).


Luna & Paddy

Once used by another Alpaca farm for walking experiences, Luna is the calmest of the herd. She never gets phased or stressed out and welcomes a good fuss from visitors. In 2022 she gave birth to Paddy, a lively, light-fawn-coloured boy who has the curliest of fleeces.

Luna and Paddy


You won't miss Lulu in the herd as she is our larger than life, white female. Wherever the food is, you'll find Lulu. She is the most wonderful Aunty to the crias in the herd, always caring for them and protecting them from dangers. In 2022 she gave birth to Tilly a real sweety of an Alpaca who is kind and attentive to those who visit.